16 April 2008

An Open Letter to Readers & Bloggers

Dear Blog-Friends,

Over the last (I think) 3 years, I have enjoyed your company. Better said, because of you, I have had more courage and self-appreciation.

It is with deep regret that I sadly tell you...I am quitting blogging.

My life is very full now - my daughter, husband, brother, school, dogs, cats, house. I just don't have the time to dedicate to this blog.

I thank all of you for your help and support. Please feel free to comment or email me (if you put your email in a comment, I won't post the comment).

Be Well.


06 April 2008

Mind & Body

Don't ever let anyone tell you that the Mind & Body are not connected.

With all the stress I've been under over the last 12+ months - and more so over the last 2 - my body is "rejecting" my mind.

Covered in scales
red with itch
blood in dots

Brain is shaken
clamoring with mud

impossible to find
cramped in a box

Surprisingly, my Spirituality is in tact.


05 April 2008

The Wall that Heals

We went to see the miniature reproduction of the Vietnam War Memorial - "The Wall that Heals".
I cannot describe to you the sadness and emptiness I found there. Being empathetic and sensitive has its downside.

I weep for the loss
of stranger's kin
I weep for the unknown
the fallen have faced
I weep for the men
who will never relax
who are now in the plane
reserved for those
who will no longer

I weep for the loss
of my husband's friends
I weep for the loss
of my father's soul
I weep knowing
my father will never
share the loss of his
innocence only to


02 April 2008

It Rolls Downhill, right?

Thanks to the wife, my child is learning how to cheat, lie, disobey, avoid consequences...

This whole thing just needs to get settled and be over!


31 March 2008


I've come up with an idea to use in my Auto-Bio. For those of you new to my life - and for those of you who have forgotten - I am (slowly) wititng my autobiography (Auto-Bio).

The first "chapter" I wrote was a self-centered story about a 5 month period in my life. It is not complete, but, the feelings are. I have some re-writing to do on it, but have decided to put that off.

I have another "chapter" sketched. Instead of writing in story form, I'm thinking of writing in free verse. The main reason for this is that this chapter is about a certain person and events about that person. The feelings are still raw and very real. But, the memories are fractured - some memories are mine, some are the product of people telling me the same story over and over, I made it my memory.

I have not decided how to begin or end the Auto-Bio - I'm not a "beginning to end" person. Anyone who knows me well knows that I start in the middle and work out. That's just the way it is; I'm not changing it.

Any thoughts or ideas or admonishments are welcome.


18 March 2008

What to tell

Spiritually, things are looking up (no pun intended). I am performing new exercises to bring me closer to my inner self and, thus, the Goddess and God. I don't know if it is my upbringing or something else, but, my "main" Being is male. Perhaps it is just what I need now....

I'm not sure how much - if anything - to write about what has been happening this month. I have very good blog friends - and "real" friends - who want to know how to help. For that, I am grateful in ways I cannot verbalize. There is just SO much going on and SO much backstory and SO much else to tell. How much is too much for people?


10 March 2008

New Moon, New Trials

Much has been happening - personally, spiritually. It will take a few posts to write about it. Here is the preview.

Spiritually: I re-picked up a book, The Circle Within, last week. I am determined to rejuvenate my spirituality and this book is a good way to start. Thank you, Bridgette, for the book. My happiness is increasing by the moment.

Personally: My Child's living arrangements are now in turmoil, again. Yes, I thought this was all figured out. But, due to what happened at the end of last year and the interference of my ex's spouse, things are a mess. Anger is not a strong enough word.

Until the next post....